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TRI-ISO also known as TRI-ISO Super 10 thin thermo-reflective insulation is ideal for pitched-roof over-rafter, under-rafter, attic conversions and dormer applications.

In an over-rafter application, TRI-ISO super 10 has the specific advantage of minimising the height of the roof line due to the relative thinness of the construction.

The product is only 30 mm thick and is thermally equivalent to 210 mm of mineral wool.

Scientifically designed in a laboratory and validated under real-life conditions, TRI-ISO-SUPER 10 provides thermal insulation which is heat-reflective, counteracting all modes of heat transfer all year round.

It is highly effective in retaining heat inside in winter, and reflecting infra-red radiation in the summer, therefore preventing the overheating of attic rooms.

Certified as the equivalent of 210 mm of mineral wool by BM TRADA Certification.
Effective both in summer and winter.
In winter it retains heat within buildings.
In summer it reflects radiation preventing overheating of attic rooms.
Thermal efficiency measured under real conditions by TRADA Technology Ltd, and equivalent to 210 mm of mineral wool as certified by BM TRADA Certification Ltd.

Your storage loft space – This is the joist area that does not form part of the roof room. Often it is used as a storage area and is easily accessible. You can insulate this area in the same way to would insulate a standard loft by laying wool insulation between the joists. This is cheap and straight forward.

The stud walls – These are the small walls at the end of the sloping ceiling. You can insulate these by stapling wool insulation or adding rigid boards. Again this is relatively straight forward and inexpensive.

The sloping roof – This is usually the largest area of the roof room and unfortunately the most difficult to insulate. This will be an expensive job whatever the approach and is unlikely to pay back very quickly.

Loft Conversion typical insulation