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Building Regulations: Stairs.

All staircase designs must comply with building regulations measuring your treads and and risers.Also your hand rail design such its height and spindle distance from each other.Also for design reasons we will require your finish floor levels and size of room where stairs require to be installed.

All stairs must be correctly installed for safety reasons.We can design any staircase for you supplying yourself with a working drawing so as to assist  with installation or we can simply complete a site visit and install your new stairs for you.

Using our specialist staircase design team will give you the assurance of a bespoke and safe installation as well as a twenty year guarantee.

All building regulations must comply with Part K British standards.

Measure your rise which is floor to floor,establish your amount of risers each riser must not be more than 220 mm.

The minimum tread must be no less than 220 mm.

And the maximum pitch must not exceed 42 degrees.

Head room above staircase should be 2000 mm but can be slightly less for a loft conversion.

Fire & general safety for staircase design and installation.

To ensure adequate fire safety for the dwelling a new stair serving the new room(s) will be needed. Where there is not enough room for a full traditional stair, it may be possible to use a "space saving" stair. Retractable ladders or stairs are not normally acceptable.

For general safety reasons, there are specific criteria that a stair should be designed to.

Opening for new stairs

This would normally be formed by cutting away some of the existing ceiling joists between the existing habitable areas of the home and the loft-space. As these joists support the existing ceiling and restrain the pitched roof from spreading, replacement support should be provided.

This would normally take the form of timber "trimmers" around the opening, most likely to be at least two timbers fixed together (double trimmer) to ensure the load is transferred to remaining timbers.

Please give us a call for any advice ,our friendly approach and advice,call for any enquiry we would be happy to help in any way.

staircase design

Staircase installation and building regulations for loft staircase design.

headroom for staircase

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